Increase Occupancy

Increase Occupancy

We prepare an individualized action plan with proposed benchmarks for success. Fees will include an initial set-up fee, monthly payments and, where necessary, travel expenses. Please let me know if the following is acceptable and I will be quick to respond. We will commence with auditing the following:

Review existing website to define needs, recommend site enhancements or web redesign, and refer to appropriate web professionals available through InnConsultancy network. Review current web tracking results and assist in developing a comprehensive web marketing strategy.

Review current advertisements and other media marketing and make recommendations based on costs and effectiveness. Review status of current email capture and email marketing and provide suggestions for necessary improvements. Assist in developing packages. Review current web tracking results and web marketing strategy. Make recommendations for website maintenance and management of same.

Review and make recommendations with respect to all ancillary services provided by the Inn, including current and future amenities, services provided to guests (massage, spa, room service, flowers, wine, gifts, etc.).

• Business Planning: Assist Innkeepers to develop a budget and plan. Follow up work may include development of a formal budget and plan for the second and subsequent years of operations. Implement a reporting system for periodic review of progress against the budget and plan. In addition, provide guidance in establishing and reviewing room rates.

Need an InnMarketing Plan or Business Valuation to boost revenues? Feel free to contact us!

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Communicated to owner/innkeepers and may include:

  • Trends: Where does your property stand in comparison to the national and local marketplace?
  • Wish list: Where do you need to grow or improve against local marketplace?
  • Travel: The importance of target marketing
  • Technology: How much do you need
  • Social Media: Trends and needs
  • Website Stats: Reading through the lines
  • Room Rates & Packages: Creating the right model for seasonal growth
  • Operations: Prioritizing
  • Mobile Marketing: What works for the tech traveler
  • Coupon Based Marketing: Online and locally
  • Location Based Marketing: Location, Location, Location
  • Review InnAnalysis: Learning more from reviews
  • PPC Shared Platforms: Who to partner with locally, nationally and internationally
  • EBlasts & Texting Programs: The right message
  • Inn Referral Programs: Sister or Brother?
  • Competition Marketing: Anything you can do, I…
  • Video Commercials: Clip-ons
  • Innteractive Mapping: Location individualized
  • What’s Inn a Name: Branding rights.

To commence, two nights, one and half day initial visit to interview, discuss and begin InnMarketing program. Charge is normally $2,000 initial fee but with consultant’s benefit of knowledge from any prior visit, this fee may be reduced.

Monthly fees include follow-up teleconference meetings monthly plus additional on-site visits to meet with owners/innkeepers (usually scheduled, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) provided availability meets with mutual consultant’s and owners/innkeepers schedules.


Initial Consult Fee: 50% in advance and balance upon departure from initial visit plus travel expense; you provide the accommodations/meals. Monthly fees payable 30-days.

InnConsultancy’s fees may change subject to additional services requested during the term of contract. Such changes will be reviewed and agreed to in writing by both parties in advance.